1 de enero de 2012


Strategies for Premium Brands in the world of Creative Economy (especially fashion, arts, cuisine -wine-) 
An integral challenge

I have 16 years of professional experience and a wide international network. Therefore, I can be your best ally in order to design strategic and comprehensive programs in branding DNA, innovation, retail and internationalization. My specific target are premium brands in the arts, fashion and gastronomy (wine) sectors.

What makes me different is my ability to listen and thus address your expectations with passion and dedication. I can lead coherent processes oriented towards the achievement of the maximum Return on Investment (ROI) and nurtured by the world of the so-called Creative & Experiential Economy. My work is guided by goals and results, always keeping the utmost respect and confidentiality for every project.

I welcome you to my home, and I invite you to visit the following links:
* I want to be your ally and team mate (link).
* Sharing knowledge and connecting practices (link).
* Special Projects (link).
* Publications (link).
* 16 years in the field (link).
* News (link).

I am where my clients are, counting with three bases of operation, all of them permanently active: Medellin and Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) for projects in the Americas; and Barcelona (Spain) for projects in Europe.

I am ready to cooperate with you in the construction of champion proposals!