1 de enero de 2012

I want to be your ally and team mate

Strategies for premium brands (branding DNA + Innovation+ Retail and Internationalization)
  • Comprehensive support on strategical issues for premium brands in the world of fashion, art and gastronomy (wines).
  • Design and management of tailored made projects for each enterprise: branding DNA + Innovation + Internationalization. The latter business plans and strategies / tactics for each market, the management of potential partners, investors,  franchisees, licensees and/or representatives, as well as the media and the institutions in every context.
  • Tailored market research using both primary and secondary resources.
  • Omnichannel marketing, experience design, POS, digital marketing, communication and PR, among other things. In close collaboration with experts, the goal is to provide 360 degree solutions. I can propose the strategy and together we can implement the tactics!
  • My passion is the macro-trends as well as walking through the streets of the world in order to watch and learn with the intention of being always be a few steps ahead of the rest and thus add value to your brand.
  • I participe as speaker and/or attendee of cutting edge around the globe, as well as biennials, universal exhibitions, fairs, festivals, conferences, etc.
  • My work is guided by OBJECTIVES and regarding internationalization is algo guided by RESULTS. My commitment to achievement is all!

Territorial Development and Creative Industries
Consultancy for regions with strategic plans in their creative industries, particularly oriented to the fashion system, art and gastronomy sectors. It includes accompanying the regions in the following:
  • Construction and implementation of public policies.
  • Planning and prospectives processes.
  • Articulation with different actors/stakeholders. 
  • Definition of visibility strategies and international positioning. 

I have experience in public and private funded programs, as well as with international cooperation.

Consultant of creative industries initiatives for academic or government programs.