1 de enero de 2012

16 years of experience

Paula A. Trujillo is a specialist and entrepreneur in the world of Creative Economy, focused on Strategies,  Branding DNA, Innovation and Internationalization for premium brands in the Fashion System, arts and gastronomy (wine).

Member of Boards of some companies. Founder and leader of the Think+Do Tank Creative Connections, formes Campus Colombias. Director of Projects & Consulting SAS (Colombia) and Industrias Creativas y Culturales (Colombia).

Know-how in international scenarios (America and Europe in particular).

Associate Professor at several universities and business schools in both Colombia and Spain (MBA´s, Diplomas and Executive Programs).

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Retail Management Centre at EADA Business School-Europe.

Published analyst and writer for publications in Latin America and Europe media such as Modaes, Generación, etc.

With in an extensive international network and being a passionate for languages, Paula has the capacity to analyse the global context as well as to adapt to new environments.

She has a Master degree in International Relations and Geopolitics in the IEP (Institute of Political Studies) (France) and the University of StaffordShire (UK); and a Master in History and Culture by the University of Bologna, Brussels, Barcelona and Tours.

She graduated from L´ENA (École Nationale d´Administration) (France) in International Negotiation.

I count with a wide network, the knowledge of the global contemporary conditions and the capacity to travel and adapt to new contexts.

These are some of the enterprises and institutions I have worked and collaborated with in many projects:
  • Inexmoda. Colombia.
  • EADA. Spain. Lecturer.
  • Proexport Colombia. Spain.
  • ACI - Agencia de Cooperación e Inversión de Medellín y el Área Metropolitana - Colombia.
  • Mundo Unico. Colombia.
  • Duoc. Chile.
  • Amicca. Spain.
  • Viva - Gobernación de Antioquia. Colombia.
  • Janira. Spain.
  • Consejo Regional de Competitividad de Antioquia. Colombia.
  • Calzado Castañer. Spain.
  • Eafit University. Colombia.
  • Smart City. Spain.
  • Cámara Colombo Catalana.  Spain.
  • ONUDI. Francia.
  • María Isabel Fashion Company. Colombia.
  • Universidad Pontificia Boliviariana. Colombia.
  • Sita Murt. Spain.
  • Universidad Eafit. Colombia.
  • Colegiatura Colombiana. Colombia.
  • Escuela de Ingeniería de Antioquia. Colombia.
  • The Wine Business School. Spain.
Among others

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